Tutor to prepare children for school: will relieve parents and become a friend to a child

When to start a preparation for school? Different parents reply differently. Some prefer to start as soon as possible and approach the school in small steps. Others prefer to delay the inevitable moment of a child’s growing up.

In both cases, preparation for school is a very serious matter. Nowadays requirements for alphabetarians are higher than were in our childhood.

How to solve this issue reasonably? How to it comfortable for both child and parents? We’d like to note that there are several alternatives: you prepare a child independently, you give complete control to grandparents, you take a child to early development school or you find a special tutor on preparation for school.

Let’s compare a preschool tutor with other alternatives we described.

A professional tutor and independent preparation of a child for school: what are the advantages of the first one?

  1. Special education
  2. Mastering different methods of early development and preschool teaching
  3. Mastering special psychological methods, effective in work with preschoolers
  4. Availability of successful experience of preparation for school
  5. Uncompromising system approach
  6. Objective evaluation of abilities, capabilities, inclinations and available knowledge of a child
  7. Organization of a cooperation process with an “unfamiliar adult”, development of communication with a teacher skills
  8. Individual approach to a child including development of special programs and methods of educational materials presenting
  9. More intensive and motivated development of independence
  10. Adaptation of educating programs to a child and not vise versa…

And this is not all. Should we continue?

And now let’s compare a tutor on preparation for school and an early development school: what are the advantages of a tutor?

  1. One of the main factors often underestimated especially by young moms: a tutor comes to your home
  2. A tutor comes to your in accordance with your schedule and in a comfortable for a child time
  3. All attention of a tutor in paid to your child only. It will not make him an egoist but allows to use time more efficiently
  4. While working with a child a tutor considers physical and psychological state of a child

However, if to think more thoroughly, these are not all advantages.

We put arguments and you, parents, will make a decision.

Where to find a good tutor on preparation for school?

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Preparation for school

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