How to find a good English language tutor in Kiev?

There may be several ways to search. The first – to ask friends, the second – to talk to school teachers, the third – to recruit a tutor from foreign languages courses. All these methods have their advantages but all of them have a substantial disadvantage: it’s very difficult or even impossible to ascertain the teacher’s competence and teaching process quality.

The domestic personnel recruitment agency “Uyut Service” offers you to find quickly a professional tutor of English, German and other foreign languages and school subjects who would definitely increase knowledge level of your child.

Which tutors can you find at “Uyut Service”?

  • English and other foreign languages
  • Mathematics
  • Physics
  • Chemistry
  • Music
  • Painting
  • Subjects of elementary school


The tutors we recommend are real professionals in their sphere, with good experience and excellent recommendations. Before recruiting a tutor for you our managers will thoroughly review your requests, needs and demands. We quickly select a teacher who can not only help your child to learn a subject, but also can arouse interest in studying, fulfill potential of your child, inspire for new discoveries and achievements.

Our agency’s prices for tutor’s services in Kiev depend on qualification of a teacher, work schedule and targets. For each client we can select the optimum pack.

Why is it better to recruit a tutor from an agency?

We’ll tell about our agency. 

  • Uyut Service have been providing the best specialists for Kiev families over 20 years. Gathered experienced and knowledge allow us to define your real needs accurately and quickly and select the tutor who will be the most efficient for your child.
  • Every tutor is strictly checked. Before recommending an English language or any other subject tutor we thoroughly check this person: we call the previous employers and ask not only about the results of work but also about psychological climate of the teaching process, its emotional feeling.
  • We recommend only those people who will never let you down and always do their work conscientiously within the whole contract period.
  • We can replace the specialist free of charge upon your request within the contract validity.

If you want to arouse an interest in studying from your child you’d better find a mentor who will inspire your child and become his/her friend. Uyut Service has such tutors in the list.

We’re always glad to provide services of high quality!Wish your children academic progress and new discoveries!

Cost of services


English language tutor
School subjects tutor 
Preschooler preparation tutor 
from 150 UAH
from 150 UAH
from 150 UAH


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