Thermovision inspection is a recipe of comfort in your house

How efficient does your house keep warmth? How to check quality of doors, windows and balconies? Is there a necessity to repair electric wiring due to short-circuit failures?

A real professional can reply these questions of an assiduous master of the house after thorough inspection of your house with the help of a special device – infrared imager, or thermovisor. Together with the specialists of “Uyut Service” you’ll return a feeling of comfort to your house and save your means.

The service of scanning with thermovisor of private premises and offices, premises under construction and living quarters will allow defining places of thermal losses and contacts extending away in electric wiring. It also allows proper evaluation of heat proof and power system. Besides our specialist will help you to evaluate beforehand quality of used construction materials.

Services of fixing problems

On the basis of the inspection of the so-called thermoaudit our expert will provide works on solving the found problems:

  • Adjustment and oiling mechanisms;
  • Replacement of mechanisms – if necessary / upon request;
  • Installation of new handles;
  • Sealing of joints with foam or joint sealer;
  • Other works on correcting problems revealed during inspection of a house by a thermovisor.

Why a thermovisor?

We’re sure that you’ll agree that:

  • Even an experienced specialist can’t define everything by sight;
  • With the help of thermovisor you can get precise information;
  • And, the MOST IMPORTANT: it’s considerably cheaper than breaking walls because of burned electric wiring or eliminate unpleasant, poisonous fungus.

Our prices of a house scanning

Thermovision inspection

Complete inspection– 300 UAH.

Fixing works will be relatively cheap. Only the complete mechanism change will cost starting from 800 UAH. For the rest you can considerably influence the price selecting brands or type of materials.

As for today optimization of heat and power expenses is especially topical. That’s why you’d better check today whether everything corresponds to the quality standards.

Please call! Our experts will tell how to arrange a thermovision inspection and keep warmth in your house!