Is your house a feast for the eyes? It means that your house manager is a professional!

All communications are in order, the yard is clean and well-kept, purchases are made timely, domestic personnel works faultlessly when you have a good house manager.

When does one need a house manager?

When you’re steeped in business, don’t visit your country house often or just can’t go into details of all household issues.

A house manager will observe that:

  • A house is always in order: clocks are winded, household appliances are operable;
  • Kitchen is permanently provided with products;
  • Domestic staff does its duties without fail;
  • Yard and garden look perfectly;
  • All bills are paid;
  • All projects planned by the masters (repair works, constructions, change of interior) are fulfilled the best way.

A professional house manager will release a busy person from routine work and it allows you to focus your attention at your business, social activity or any other sphere important for you.

A good house manager can cope with almost all issues related to operation and maintenance of a country house.

This is a specialist with the experience of work in a family, with a certain level of education, range of practical skills and abilities which allow solving efficiently the majority of household matters.

To hire an experienced and successful manager means to ensure some level of tranquility and assurance, to find a wise, intelligent and tactful person. A good house manager is a dutiful employee who can also make independent efficient decisions. Under his/her control, housekeeping becomes automatic and predictable. Masters of the house always know about the effected expenses, fulfilled projects. Planned financial expenses are always reasoned and supported by the corresponding calculations.

House manager

How to find a good house manager

The position of a house manager in a country house is rather important and requires responsibility and availability of a vast range of knowledge, skills and experience. That’s why it’s very difficult to find such a helpmate to meet all the important criteria.

It’s better to entrust this task to experienced specialists with a database of such employees. A respectful domestic personnel recruitment agency will find a house manager for your country house within 2-3 days. All the highest requirements to the employee will be considered and your rights – protected by the corresponding contract.

More than 20-years old experience of successful work of the agency “Uyut Service” is a guarantee of a pleasant and fruitful cooperation in selection of specialists of any qualification! If you need a house manager, just dial our number! And you’ll get brief resumes of the most appropriate candidates within 15 minutes.