Your estate will become a paradise with a good gardener!

Every owner of a country house or a cottage wants to have coziness and beauty not only inside but outside as well. A professional gardener can create a real oasis with interesting and unusual landscaping.

Do you want to make your house unique? Start with an adjacent territory - the garden!

To make a green area near the cottage or a house stylish and unique is an interesting and creative task. It’s extremely difficult to cope with it without an assistance of a specialist. That’s why the services of a professional gardener in Kiev and Kiev region are imperative. With the help of this specialist you’ll develop a landscaping project, select the appropriate plants, soil, decorative elements and finally realize your ideas.

However it’s important not only to select proper plants and set them in accordance with the design but maintain this live masterpiece healthy and flowering. In order to have flower beds, lawns, trees and bushes in ideal conditions they need proper handling: timely weeding, replanting, trimming, plant nutrition and many other procedures which can be done correctly and accurately by a specialist. That’s why people employ a gardener.

What are the other duties of a gardener?

Certainly, even a small but well-managed and kept garden is a real decoration of a country house. One of the duties of a professional gardener is to get good fruitage and maintain a garden well-kept.

To lay out a new garden, to renew the existing one, to cut dry offshoots, take effective measures against plant pests, graft correctly young trees, prune bushes and trees – this is the work which requires special knowledge, skills, experience and time. As a rule, masters of a house (even ruralists) don’t have enough of these abilities. An experienced gardener, who does his/her work with desire and competence, will make your garden a pride and a place of conciliation. Besides, ecologically clean and fresh fruits from your own garden, is a very pleasant supplement.

Where to find a professional gardener?

It’s better to entrust the above tasks to an experienced person – you’ll be sure that the green area near your house will be beautiful and well-kept. You’d better avoid usual village people. As we’ve already mentioned only daily hard work of a professional with special skills, experience and knowledge of advanced technologies can make your adjacent territory look stylish and cozy.


It’s usually takes time to find such a person independently. But in a good agency you can get several appropriate candidates within one day. You’ll just have to select one person from the list of recommended specialists.

Do you want to have your yard and garden in good condition?

Then make use of services of a professional gardener!

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