Do you think that your upholstered furniture needs dry cleaning? Confide in professionals of “Uyut Service”!

Clean and neat upholstered furniture in a house creates an atmosphere of comfort and care and an unspoken attention of a housewife to her family. If cared for properly your favorite furniture will serve you longer and your house will always be comfortable and cozy.

Modern cleaning technologies are fantastic! The market is full of different detergents and cleansers, domestic and foreign, organic and with the use of latest advanced developments. So one can think that such abundance excludes the necessity of ordering a professional dry-cleaning of upholstered furniture.

It seems that one can easily do it oneself. However results often differ from expectations.

Why is a competent furniture cleaning more beneficial and reliable?

It’s easy! Professionals know for sure:

  • Which effect gives a certain cleanser;
  • Which substance is more effective for cleaning different materials;
  • What and when should be used for spots;
  • Is it possible to do dry or wet cleaning and how to do it in a correct way;
  • Which substances are not harmful for your baby or your family member with an allergy;
  • How to clean furniture quickly and for a long period;
  • And many-many other things the housewives are not aware of.

Besides, entrusting dry cleaning of your upholstered furniture to the experienced specialists you’ll save yourself much energy and get a 100% guarantee result for a long time!

Furniture dry cleaning

Prices for dry cleaning services

The price of furniture dry cleaning varies depending on quality of material, quantity of places, characteristics, urgency and volume of work.

Don’t know where to start? How much time does a process of cleaning up an upholstered furniture take? Do you think how to clean furniture in a child’s room without interfere with health?

Welcome to us, “Uyut Service”! Our specialists will reply all your questions about correct and efficient dry cleaning of upholstered furniture and make it quickly and with high quality!