A family couple for a country house – order and comfort everywhere!

“My house is my castle” say the Brits, because it’s warm and comfortable here, safe and secure. In order to always have order, cleanliness and coziness in a house one has to make efforts especially if it’s a big country house with an adjacent plot of land.   

It’s not easy to do everything alone because you spend the majority of time for your work, family, important business. In such case a resident family couple will be the best solution.

What are the advantages of a family couple?

Hiring the family couple instead of separate employees is a recent trend which has become rather popular. This harmonious duet of specialists is ready to undertake cares of a house and household and release you from home routine. 

What are the advantages of hiring a resident family couple?

  • Usually family couples are more conscientious because their working place is partially their home.
  • Married partners understand each other better and interact as a team. It’s easier for them to agree about something and their work will be more efficient.
  • A couple lives at the territory of an employer (no need to hurry home every evening to their families). That’s why you may not worry about possible traffic jams and include in salary transport compensations.

 What is the scope of duties of a family couple?

First of all, housekeeping from A to Z. You  can also discuss possibility of including such duties as babysitting with an employer’s children, preparation of celebration events (for example, table setting, house decoration) and even pets care (airing, feeding).

The agency “Uyut Service” discusses the scope of duties of a family coupe individually. Our attentive managers will always consider your wishes and recommend the specialists you need.

We’ll certainly find the best professionals for you!

How to allocate duties between the married partners? In general, a husband is a house manager, a gardener, a driver, and a wife is a housekeeper and a cook.

The main duties of a husband:

  • Maintenance operation of a house, garage, sauna, boiler-room;
  • Swimming pool care;
  • Small repair works in a house (bathroom fixtures, electricity etc);
  • Backyard care (functions of a gardener and yard-keeper);
  • Video control system and heating system control;
  • Purchasing food and housekeeping products. 

The main duties of a wife:

  • Keeping order in a house;
  • Washing and ironing;
  • Cooking;
  • Doing windows;
  • Cleaning carpets;
  • House plants care;
  • Small repair of clothes.

If you want one of the married partners have additional skills (e.g. VIP garments care, small repair of a car, a pedigree pet special care etc.) please let us know and the experienced managers of the agency “Uyut Service” will find the required specialists for you.

What are the criteria of a good family couple for a country house?

  • An experience of common housekeeping and country house keeping. It’s preferable to choose couples which have been married during 3 or more years;
  • Good health;
  • No vicious habits;
  • Neat and tidy;
  • Honesty and conscientiousness;
  • Faultless reputation, availability of recommendations from the previous places of work;
  • Amiability and easy disposition.

Why is the list of requirements to the candidates such long? Because we clearly understand that a family couple for a country house is not just visiting employees but people who will live with you and become a part of your family in some sense.

Family couple

All candidates of our agency “Uyut Service” are thoroughly checked and correspond to the high requirements of customers. We’re sure that they will not only manage successfully all household matters but help to create an atmosphere of harmony and coziness at home.

Payment for a family couple services

Cost of services is defined individually because everything depends on the work schedule and scope of duties. “Uyut Service” always maintains an optimal correlation between price and quality of services.

Please call us and we’ll select the best domestic personnel!

Let peace and well-being live in your house and we’ll help you with pleasure!