A resident nurse – attention and care at any time of day and night

Concern for relatives is one true displays of love. But it’s not always that we’re able to help a relative ourselves especially when it is a case of permanent care for sick or aged relative. The reasons may be different: long distance, no time, not enough experience and special skills. In this case you can’t do without a resident nurse who’ll help in any time of day and night.

In which cases do you need a resident nurse?

  • Weak health (diseases of cardio-vascular system, musculoskeletal system, problems with memory etc)
  • Lingering disease
  • Postoperative period
  • Post apoplectic state
  • Advanced age

How to select a resident nurse?

Selection of a nurse, especially resident, is a highly responsible issue. Alas, there happen cases of rough treatment, manipulations with money and documents, thefts… A nurse will always stay at home and it’s almost impossible to watch her. It’s better to secure yourself and apply to a specialized agency.

Trust yourself to professionals of the agency “Uyut Service”! An experienced specialist will undertake part of daily work making life of people you love considerable easy.

Why choose us?

Our company has a long experience of domestic personnel recruitment. A resident nurse becomes a member of your family for a certain period of time. We understand that it’s important that this person would be not only a professional but honest, responsive and non-conflict person with whom it would be comfortable to live and communicate.

Our candidates pass a full-scope check which includes:

  • Medical records check
  • Professional skills check
  • Testimonials of previous employers
  • Personal qualities test

We’re sure that a resident nurse may become not only a home doctor and a helpmate but also a friend!

Resident nurse

Nurses’ duties embrace:

  • Hygienic procedures (washing, dressing, change of bed-linen, treatment of bed sores etc)
  • Nutrition (food purchasing, cooking, nurse if necessary)
  • Household activities (cleaning, laundry, ironing etc. – if the apartments is not large and the nurse lives with the person she takes care of)
  • Medical and rehabilitation procedures by agreement (measuring blood pressure, injections, drop bottles, medication intake control etc)
  • Organizing daily routine (timely aeration, maintaining daily regime etc) 

Every candidate passes an interview which will help you to select a nurse who will meet your requirements in the level of skills, expertise and even temper. While filling in your request please specify the age, sex, state of health, peculiarities of character and habits of a person for whom you select a nurse to make acclimatization and habituation quicker and easier.

From your side, you have to provide living conditions for the nurse: comfortable place for sleeping and rest and nutrition.

Cost of services

Cost of nurse’s services depends on residence time as well as her functions. We assure that our prices completely correspond to the quality and may even be a pleasant surprise for you.

Do you have questions? Please apply to a caring agency “Uyut Service”!

We wish health and well-being to you and relatives!