Nurse-chaperone – a profession to be a friend

Do you live far from the aged parents or grandparents? You continuously worry that they are lonely and ask yourself how they keep the house, can they go for a walk, do they take medicine timely. And of course you want that your relatives got attention. But work, family or other obligations doesn’t allow you visit them often. And when you leave you feel guilty… Most people nowadays know this problem!

But most caring people have already found a solution! If you can’t stay with your relative but want to be sure that he/she is well-being, an agency “Uyut Service” knows what to do: you need a nurse-chaperone!

A “chaperone” in French means “a friend one handles matters with”. It refers to a nurse-chaperone for 100%. This in not just a nurse and a helpmate. This is an excellent stimulus for a life full of sense and everyday small pleasures! She’ll always do something to make days different releasing from oppressive loneliness, she’ll tell a joke to clear away blues and apathy, she’ll spark eyes if notices depression.

Besides, lonely people usually have a sedentary lifestyle and it affects their health and mood. But our nurse-chaperone is able to find a key to arise an interest to life to a lonely person. At the same time she’ll constantly control his/her activity, physical and mental conditions carefully and adequately loading him/her without provoking health worsening.

Your application to “Uyut Service” can solve not only your problems but will present your dear person warmth and love even from the distance. And you’ll also feel peace of mind it you know that proper attention is given to your relative. A nurse-chaperone is a kind of you extension: your understanding eyes, reliable hands, patient ears and at the same time this is a housewife, a cheerful friend and reliable helpmate.

What is the scope of duties of a nurse-chaperone?

  • Household matters (cleaning, cooking, purchasing food, payment of bills etc.)
  • Day regimen (strolls, sleeping, medicine taking and medical procedures according to the schedule)
  • Walking outside and accompanying to polyclinics (for example)
  • Mental support (friendly conversation, reading, joint watching of TV programs or serials, visiting exhibitions – depending on interests).

The last item is very important because hearty conversation and a word of encouragement sometimes have more power than any medicine!

Besides, a nurse will control health, can administer first aid in case of necessity and inform you about any changes. You’ll keep your finger on a pulse in any place and in any time!

Features of a nurse-chaperone

1. If necessary a nurse will have medical education. And she’s always hard-working and easy to deal with. Shecansupportaconversationandorganizeleisure. Doyouneedsuchaperson? A desire of our manager to help you in your situation, a database of checked, experienced and qualified specialists of “Uyut Service” are a guarantee that a required specialist will be offered within the short period.

2. A nurse-chaperone may be visiting or resident and live together with your relative, even in the same room if necessary. Please call us and we’ll solve all issues individually. We propose you a person in accordance with your requirements and situation.

What are the features of a nurse-chaperone from “Uyut Service”?

Firstly, she’s a sincere and a kind person. Managers of our agency pay special attentions to individual characteristics of candidates and recommend only those who can do work from heart.

Secondly, she’s appealing in temperament and character. You’ll agree that melancholic or phlegmatic will feel more comfortable in a company of the same calm and unhurried person. But a sanguine person or choleric will like an active and cheerful chaperone. If we know peculiarities of your relative’s character we’ll find the most appropriate nurse!

Thirdly, she’s honest and decent. There are many stories about thievish nurses who deceived people they looked after… Such stories have nothing to do with our specialists: our personnel have excellent recommendations from previous employers and have unblemished reputations. You can rely on us!


Payment of services

Payment is per hour: from 45 UAH/hour in case of full-time job (from 9 working hours per day). Minimum price for one visit is 200 UAH (from 1 to 3 hours of work).

You can agree that the most valuable people for us – moms, dads, grandparents, relatives – deserve our sincere attention and care. Once they read fairy-tales to their children falling asleep over the book after a working day, bought toys denying themselves something. Now when they became adult “children”, without realizing it, they need attention from us (they can even not confess in this).

Please come to our caring agency “Uyut Service”!

We’ll find you a nurse considering all your wishes and make the life of your dearest ones more comfortable even in a distance!