Care of a relative in the night time. Why do you need a night nurse?

How to provide a full-scale care for an ill person? During the day time member of a family or hospital staff can attend the person. But often there’s no one to stay at night near the bed. What to do in this case? There’s a solution: a night nurse.

When is a night nurse required?

  • Exacerbation of all deceases happens usually at night. That’s why it’s vitally important to control the condition of an ill person at night to avoid crisis. It happens that at stroke a person physically can’t call for help or even press the button to call a sick nurse.
  • Ill people often complain of sleep problems: pains, psychological discomfort, heavy thoughts – all these things don’t let you relax. But one can talk to a nurse, she’ll listen, calms down, reads a book, gives medicine – and it will become easy to fall asleep. And a sound sleep is so important for health improvement or at least steadying!
  • Members of a family can’t stay 24 hours a day near a sickbed otherwise there’s a risk of fatigue and fall sick as well. On the other hand, one sick nurse in a hospital has to control up to 50 patients so it’s also impossible to get enough attention in a hospital. But a nurse will stay nearby during the whole night and you’ll fell calmer.
  • Most ill people feel awkward that members of a family attend him/her (especially in cases when a person is a lying patient – such person may feel himself a burden). If you want your relative feel comfortable, entrust a part of care to a professional.

 Why “Uyut Service”?

A night watch at a sickbed is a special responsibility. Such nurse should be experienced, attentive, reliable, sensitive, have good medical skills and be on the alert in all situations. It’s very difficult to find such a professional by oneself and it’s unacceptable to risk health and calmness of your relative.

It’s easier and more reliable to apply to a specialized agency where a nurse will be selected considering your requirements. In “Uyut Service” all candidates have a long experience of work and good recommendations. They also pass a strict professional and psychological selection. That’s why we’re sure that you can rely on our specialists.

What should be considered while selecting a nurse?

1) Health condition of your relative. A nurse should be fully informed about all sicknesses of your relative to know what to watch and pay attention during her stay and in case of attack – to react quickly and efficiently. For example, if your relative has problems with heart then a nurse will pay special attention to pulse and blood pressure etc.

Night nurse

2) Wishes of your relative. Somebody wants a calm and quiet nurse not to disturb calmness, others like active optimists who can boost spirits with a timely joke. Temperament type, character, age – we consider everything when recruit a specialist for you. We understand that it’s very important that a nurse should become a member of a family with whom it will be easy to communicate and confide.

Payment of night nurse services

Minimum price of one night visitis 400 UAH.

Cost of work is calculated basing on an attended person needs and requirements of an employer. In other words everything depends on complexity and range of duties for a nurse.

Let happiness, health and well-being will always stay at your home!

The Agency “Uyut Service” will help you!