Hourly day nurse – a complete care in proper time

If your relative needs attendance then of course this responsibility falls on the shoulders of a family. But you can’t stay all day at home – you need to go out for several hours or even for a whole day: to work or study, to the shop, hospital and even to meet your friends etc… In order not to worry that your relative stays at home alone, help from outside is indispensable.

Why a day nurse?

Surelyyoucanaskyourneighborsorfriends. But it’s not a solution. First of all, these people also can have their own affairs and you can’t rely on them completely. Secondly, they may not know most peculiarities of elderly or sick person care. But you need a full-scale care, don’t you? That’s why an hourly day nurse is the very person who can render assistance timely and in good quality!

“Uyut Service” has a vast experience in recruitment of day nurses: our candidates pass a strict professional selection. They have all required skills of attendance, have excellent recommendations from previous employers and have balanced and friendly character. You can rely on such nurse and on yourself!

What is the scope of work of an hourly day nurse?

The range of duties may be very wide and is discussed individually in each case. The usual range of duties of the day nurse is the following:

  • Hygiene (change of clothes, washing, taking shower, replacement of diapers, change of bed-linen)
  • Nutrition (food purchasing, cooking, feeding)
  • Health state control (measuring blood pressure, temperature, give medicine)
  • Leisure (going for a walk, communication)

With nurses from “Uyut Service” your relative will feel as comfortable as with a family because our personnel is not only professional with excellent reputation and experience but also kind, responsive people ready to help physically and mentally.

What do you have to consider when selecting a nurse?

1) Wishes of a person for whom you select a nurse. Before you start to select a nurse ask your relative about the personal characteristics and main skills he/she would prefer to see in a nurse. This will make the selection easier.

2) Priorities. In order to have the work of a nurse the most efficient and make the life of your relative more comfortable it’s important to understand at once the main priority. For example, if a person is seriously ill then a nurse should pay most attention and spend most time to improvement of health of this person. If there are not many problems with health but your relative is an elderly person then probably he/she would prefer to have help in household routine and leisure organization.  

Hourly nurse

3) Character peculiarities of your relative. These are: nuances of health, personal characteristics, habits. Don’t think that in such case it would be difficult to select a nurse. “Uyut Service” can surely solve this problem!

Cost of services

Price for nurse’s work is from 45 UAH/hour in case of full day work.

The less the quantity of working hours, the higher is the price per one hour. Minimum payment for one visit of a nurse is 200 UAH (less than 3 hours).

A caring agency “Uyut Service” wishes health and well-being to you and your relatives!

We’ll be happy to help you solve your vitally important matters and maintain family values!