A resident babysitter?

Children of any age need much attention. However parents in present-day world not always can provide 100% care. Sometimes when you can find an hour or two to spend with your child you don’t have enough energy to spend this time the way you both want. Is there any solution? Of course!

Have you ever thought about hiring a babysitter? There are many parents who have already tried to do it and they know how difficult it is to find a person who could work according to the appropriate schedule: not to be late in the morning and don’t watch you with mournful eyes if you’re late from the work in the evening. To avoid such undesirable situations we propose you to review our service “Resident babysitter in Kiev”.

Why is a resident babysitter good for you?

  • There is a person who lavishes care and attention upon your child.
  • Parents may not worry that babysitter will be late, asks to leave earlier, asks additional payment for extra time if you come home later than usual.
  • You don’t need stay at home because of children’s diseases - chickenpox or cold: a professional babysitter always notices any changes in behavior and well-being of a child, calls a doctor in time and takes all proper measures before arrival of a doctor.
  • Home exercises, sports and other hobby classes, walks etc. will be reasonably ordered because a good babysitter knows how to organize a daily regime.
  • You always know what’s going on in school, know about his/her problems and achievements.

How to find a resident babysitter?

The best alternative is to search via an agency because it’s very difficult to find a resident babysitter in Kiev. Firstly, it may take a lot of time. Secondly, there’s always a question of reliability.

Resident babysitter

The advantages of selection via a respectful domestic personnel recruitment agency are evident:

  • A resident babysitter will be found quickly. Our agency “Uyut Service” is able find an excellent helpmate within 1 day after your application. You just need to find time to interview the candidate;
  • You’ll have a certified, reliable, trained specialist;
  • Your rights will be protected by the contract within the whole period of our cooperation;
  • You can ask to replace the specialists free of charge within the contract validity.

If your work takes a lot of time, you often go to business trips, your business doesn’t leave you enough time for full-scale upbringing of your child you can use the services of a resident babysitter and your problems with children will be solved.

Do you need professional helpmates to take care of your children? A cozy agency “Uyut Service” proposes you a quick professional help in recruiting a domestic personnel!

We wish a cozy and restful life to you!

Any babysitter – from 500 UAH/day (15000 UAH/month) depending on qualification

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Advantages of resident babysitter recruitment

pig Affordable cost of services
trubka Possibility of emergency call in after hours
oborotFlexible schedule depending on your plans