When do you need a babysitter for a night?

Different parent may reply differently. The necessity of keeping an eye on a child at night may have various reasons: troubled sleep, age peculiarities, physical or psychological state of a child. Or just because mom is unable to wake up throughout the night due to intense working day.

What does a babysitter do during the night?

Night babysitter’s work begins in the evening. Her duties start from bedtime routine. A professional night babysitter is a real Arina Rodionovna from Pushkin’s poems. She’ll tread a good fairy-tale, sing a lullaby, dandle a child in arms or just tell good things (yes, even infants need it!).

When a child’s fell asleep a babysitter checks that the child is covered with blanket and lies comfortable. She changes diapers or helps to go to the bathroom. 

When a good-hearted night babysitter is near it’s not horrible to sleep alone in a room even without light! That’s why a child and parents are calm. This is the main task of babysitter invited for a night.

How to find a good night babysitter in Kiev?

It’s quicker and more reliable to find a babysitter via the domestic personnel recruitment agency than independently. The main thing is not to make a mistake when choosing an agency.

Night babysitter

“Uyut Service” – the agency of babysitters (and not only!) – has been providing the best specialists over 20 years to Kiev families. We have one of the vast database in Ukraine and experienced managers in this sphere of activity. “Uyut Service” is able to find the optimal candidates within 1-3 days. In 15 minutes after your application we propose several resumes of candidates for the vacancy “night babysitter”. In 95% of cases additional search is not required and the client appoints interviews to several candidates.

The prices for the night babysitter’s services from our agency are average in Kiev. It means that it’s possible to make an optimal offer almost for everyone. The price depends on babysitter’s experience, availability and quantity of positive recommendations from previous employers, qualification and working schedule (every night, every other night, 2 times a week etc.).

If you need the services of a night babysitter – welcome to our agency: we’ll find a professional, kind-hearted and tactful babysitter for you!

Wish you sunny parent happiness and sweet dreams!


Advantages of night babysitter recruitment

pigAffordable cost of services
trubka Possibility of emergency call in after hours
oborotFlexible schedule depending on your plans