Evening babysitter

When do you need an evening babysitter? Every parent understands this. Of course sometimes it’s impossible to leave an office at 16:00 or even 18:00 to pick up a child from kindergarten. And if your child is a first-grader?! Not everyone has grandparents living nearby and it’s inconvenient to ask a neighbor to warm up dinner for a child.

An evening babysitter is the person who can solve such situations.

She’ll meet a child at school, pick up from kindergarten, give dinner, take a child to a hobby class, go for a walk with a child and help to do home exercises. So your child will be under the care of a professional and you can work calmly without extra stress or worries.

When an evening babysitter comes?

You can recruit such an assistant on regular base or use express-call service (invitation in case of necessity). In the second case the price for 1 hour will be higher.

Where to find an evening babysitter in Kiev?

The domestic personnel recruitment agency “Uyut Service” has been cooperating with Kiev families over 20 years. Like no other we know all your problems and needs and we can quickly find an evening babysitter for your child to give easiness and comfort to everyone.

It’s easy and advantageous to cooperate with us because we recommend only specially trained and certified personnel.

Our babysitter are experience, patient and wise. They have excellent recommendations and they easily get on with children. Our agency has one of the vastest database in Kiev so it would be easy to find a helpmate for you.

  • We work quickly: selection of a babysitter takes 1-3 days.
  • Cooperation with us is based on a contract which protects and guarantees rights of the parties.
  • Clients can ask for replacement of an employee free of charge during the contract validity.
Evening babysitter

Why is it not good to recruit a babysitter via personal ads?

There are two major reasons: it takes a lot of time and it’s risky. The first impression can be wrong but you stake life and health of your child!

An authoritative agency thoroughly checks every candidate and talks to all previous employers before recommending a specialist to you. Before working with a family every candidate should pass special tests, professional and psychological trainings. Your peace of mind and our reputation are very important for us. That’s why all parties are interested in quality of services: we search a good babysitter for you and you are happy with our partnership and share your impressions with others.

Do you need a babysitter for an evening? The agency “Uyut Service” is happy to provide its services for you.

Wish a cozy day!

Advantages of evening babysitter recruitment

pigAffordable cost of services
trubka Possibility of emergency call in after hours
oborotFlexible schedule depending on your plans