Daily babysitter

When parents have to go to business trips or other travels, or one of parents have to go into hospital and there’s no one to look after children, recruitment of a daily babysitter would be a good solution.

Who is daily babysitter?

This person is your life-saver who will always come to help and assist. Your children will be well-attended, full-fed, home exercises will be done. Daily routine, physical exercises, walks and hygienic procedures – a professional daily babysitter remembers everything.

Your children will be clean and tidy, they forget nothing going to school or hobby class. Everything’s in time and in complete order!

What is the work schedule of such specialist?

Please pay attention that daily babysitter’s work schedule differs from the one of a resident babysitter. As a rule, daily assistant works during several days and then she needs a day-off. A resident baby-sitter stays at your house during a long period without leaving (depending on previous agreements with parents).

“Uyut Service” - the agency of babysitters (and not only!) – recommends the working schedule for daily babysitters – every other day. If you need a daily babysitter during several days in succession then it would be better to recruit two babysitters in order to provide proper rest for both helpmates and an attentive and thoughtful guide for your child during your absence.

How to find a daily babysitter in Kiev?

We recommend to apply to the reliable agency because this is the only way to find a babysitter within the shortest period. Besides, authoritative domestic personnel recruitment agencies provide experienced women with good recommendations, as a rule. And there are convincing reasons:

  • Firstly, people usually begin to search a daily babysitter in emergency. It means that they need a specialist here and now! And this person should be reliable, certified, trustworthy, who can easily get on with your child;
  • Secondly, we know for sure that you’ll need a daily babysitter not once that’s why we recommend only the best our candidates whose services you’d like to use again.
Daily babysitter

Why you shouldn’t recruit people from the street?

It’s almost impossible to find an appropriate babysitter independently. The only way is to get a babysitter as inheritance from people you trust. One more reason is that the key criterion of selection is reliability. It’s unlikely that you have the same capabilities of checking the candidate as the authoritative domestic personnel recruitment agency has.

So there’s only one conclusion: if you need a reliable daily babysitter you should apply to a good agency!

Cost of daily babysitter’s services?


  1. Qualification
  2. Experience
  3. Recommendations
  4. Work schedule

The higher are the demands for the first 3 items, the stricter is the 4th the higher is the price. However all these issues can be discussed individually. But we’d like to emphasize that this type of babysitter’s service is one of the most expensive.

“Uyut Service” – the agency of babysitters (and not only!) – has been providing excellent specialists over 20 years to Kiev families. Children will feel comfortable and parents will be calm and happy with our babysitters. Our agency can solve the issue of recruiting a babysitter within the shortest period and on a high level. Because every client is VIP for us!

Any babysitter

From 500 UAH/day

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Advantages of daily babysitter recruitment

pigAffordable cost of services
trubka Possibility of emergency call in after hours
oborotFlexible schedule depending on your plans