Babysitter-tutor: your child’s helpmate and friend

Who is a babysitter-tutor? This is the person who can help your child to adapt for the world avoiding child’s fears and hang-ups, teach a child to communicate easily with peers and adults, quickly adjust to a new group without unnecessary humbleness, to show the better of himself / herself.

If to use the modern terminology, babysitter-tutor is a kind of child’s coach or master  and teacher who gives a baby his/her first knowledge and skills of attitude to the outside world, people and himself / herself.

What can a babysitter-tutor give to your child?

This experienced helpmate will create an atmosphere of psychological comfort for a child when you’re away.

First of all a little person will learn to understand that life is wonderful and learning the life is an interesting and amazing process.

A baby will acknowledge himself / herself as a personality, an individual.

Respect for things, parents and adults will become natural for your son or daughter.

A child will learn to have personal opinion and stand for own interest at the same time respecting position of other people.

The pupil of a professional babysitter-tutor will acquire an important truth: hard work will bring results one can be proud of.

To be strong means to be kind-hearted and forgiving. To be beautiful doesn’t mean to be arrogant and supercilious. Understanding of these simple laws will allow young heroes and princesses to be stars in any team.

If to summarize, the major task of a babysitter-tutor is to teach a child for right attitude towards life and himself / herself. Of course this philosophy doesn’t exclude educating tasks, walks, hygienic procedures and proper nutrition regime. The upbringing process is going on permanently, as if by the way, during any activities in everyday life.

How to find a good babysitter-tutor?

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Advantages of babysitter-tutor recruitment

pigAffordable cost of services
trubka Possibility of emergency call in after hours
oborotFlexible schedule depending on your plans