A babysitter for day-off is the best solution for busy parents

You may ask why anyone needs a babysitter for days-off. We’ll bring several examples. You have an infant and a first-grader and you can’t spare enough time for him/her. Another one – you work on Saturdays and Sundays. Besides you may need a babysitter for days-off just to occupy your children while you’re busy with home cleaning, cooking or other domestic cares. She will do walks outside and organize an entertainment program. In foul weather she’ll read a fairy tale or prepare a real festival in a child’s room.

 “Uyut Service” – a cozy agency of babysitters (and not only!) – offers services in recruiting a babysitter for days-off!

We’ve operating in this segment of domestic personnel market for over 20 years and we know, like no other, which person will match your family.

“Uyut Service” recommends professional babysitters, trustworthy, certified specialists with good experience and flawless recommendations. Our babysitters – qualified teachers and pediatric psychologists – know well character of  their little pupils and can organize interesting leisure activities, walks, developing studies. With such specialist by your side, your days-off will be comfortable, without stresses and worries.

How to employ a babysitter from our agency?

Step one: just make a phone call. Our special manager will detect your requirements and in 15 minutes you’ll get several detailed resumes of the candidates.

Step two: you thoroughly review the resumes and chose the most appropriate for you.

Step three: you make one more phone call and appoint with our manager dates and time of interviews.

Step four: signing of a contract.

That’s all. A babysitter can start her work.

Babysitter for days-off

Why is it better to recruit a babysitter for days-off in our agency?

  • It’s quickly.
  • It’s safe.
  • It’s reliable and pleasant, we assure you!

Do you want your child have interesting and useful time during days-off? Invite a babysitter for your days-off!

We’ll recommend the best specialists!

We wish you comfort and happiness in your home!

Advantages of babysitter for days-off recruitment

pigAdvantages of babysitter for days-off recruitment
trubka Possibility of emergency call in after hours
oborotFlexible schedule depending on your plans