A babysitter for 2 children

If you have 2, 3 or even more children you can’t do without a babysitter! Every mother knows and understands it especially if she’s working. Nowadays it’s almost impossible to pay enough attention to all children at once. A professional babysitter can solve this difficult situation.

What are the duties of a babysitter for 2 or more children?

First of all it depends on you. Our task is to give one good and time and experience-tested advice: if you hire a babysitter for more than one child then you should limit her duties to work with children – not household routines! This is the only way to establish adequate working conditions.

In this case your children will get overall attendance: timely active walks outside, developing studies and games, nutrition regime, physical exercises, hygienic procedures and many other activities.

Our babysitter are excellent psychologists and they almost always find common language with children. They know pediatry fundamentals and modern early childhood development methods. They can put together a team of children establishing friendly atmosphere and desire to learn the world.

You can find the best babysitters for two and more children in Kiev in “Uyut Service” because:

Babysitter for 2 children
  • We recommend the certified and trained personnel adapted to work in families;
  • Our babysitters have flawless recommendations and we have wonderful and warm-hearted testimonials from our clients;
  • We’ve been operation in this market segment for over 20 years and know exactly what kind of specialist is required in your situation;
  • We work on the basis of an official contract which protects your rights;
  • Confidentiality and individual approach are our absolute rules;
  • Our prices are reasonable and proved by the quality of the services.

Do you need a babysitter for twins or even triplets :)?

Welcome to a cozy agency of babysitters (and not only!)!

We’ll find a wonderful, understanding and wise tutor for your children!

We wish you a happy parenthood! Successful cooperation with a babysitter!