Do you need a babysitter in Kiev?

Please apply to us – the domestic personnel recruitment agency “Uyut Service”.

Our specialists will quickly select for you a babysitter who would meet your requirements in price and required services.

You can recruit:

  • Babysitter for infant
  • Resident babysitter
  • Evening babysitter
  • Night babysitter
  • Express-babysitter
  • Babysitter for a child with special needs

What are the advantages of our babysitters?

1. We recommend only trusted and experienced personnel.

2. Before we start to work with the potential employee we obligatory contact his/her previous employer.

3. Personnel from “Uyut Service” who is to work with children has specialized education (medical attendant, doctor, kindergarten teacher, child psychologist, elementary school teacher), knows basic pediatry, has skills in giving medical-recreational exercises, fully well knows children’s nutrition and methods of early childhood development.

4. Before we send the candidate to work we carry out a special trainings in adaptation in families, behavioral rules and etiquette, psychological trainings.

5. Besides the experience of work in families, our babysitters successfully brought up their own children.

6. We take care to ensure that you get a healthy employee: we check strictly every record in a hospital book. Upon a special request of the employer, a babysitter can pass additional medical survey.

7. And the last but not the least: our personnel is tactful, amiable and inquisitive within the limits of his/her competence.

Why you would better recruit a babysitter at our agency?

Our managers are trained and have an experience in working with personnel for children.

1. We work quickly. If you need we can find a good babysitter within one day.

2. Our agency of babysitters works under the official contract. If required we can change an employee for you free of charge during the contract validity period.

3. Individual approach and confidentiality are our absolute rules.

4. We’re always ready to meet client’s requirements and discuss individual conditions of cooperation.

Do you think how to find a babysitter in Kiev? Welcome to our cozy agency!

Cost of services

Daily babysitter 
Evening or night babysitter 
Resident babysitter 
Babysitter for infant 
from 600 UAH/day 
from 50 UAH/hour
from 15000 UAH/month
from 50 UAH/hour
from 50 UAH/hour


  • The amount of payment for the agency services is 100% of employee’s monthly payment but not less than 1000 UAH (onetime payment at the moment of Contract conclusion)
  • Prices are indicated with the account of one child. For the second child – plus 50% of the specified price. 50% of the order amount shall be added for working during days off, national holidays.
  • Full-time job – from 9 hours per day
  • Part-time job – either 1st half of the day or the 2nd half

Free Consultation

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