Resident housekeeper

When do you need such a helpmate in your house? When you can afford it; when your work, business or other activities don’t leave time for housekeeping; when your status envisages a housekeeper.

What is the scope of duties of the resident housekeeper?

As a rule, a housekeeper, who lives permanently with your family, does almost all housekeeping routine:  

  • Keepsahouseclean;
  • Cooks;
  • Handles purchases;
  • Washes, irons, takes clothes to dry cleaning;
  • Pays bills;
  • Tends plants;
  • Tendsforpets;
  • Does other instructions in accordance with agreement.

What does “housekeeper qualification” mean?

This is a list of knowledge and skills allowing your housekeeper to meet your expectations and fulfill all functions. For example, a qualified housekeeper should be able to do the following:

  • Usemodernhouseholdappliances;
  • Know peculiarities of different types of household chemicals application and be able to use them property;
  • Know basics of nutrition science and cookery;
  • Know peculiarities of wardrobe care;
  • Desirably be able to tend properly house plants;
  • Desirably be able to tend properly house animals.

Besides, a housekeeper’s responsibility, especially a resident housekeeper’s, is polite and well-bread treatment of housemasters, family members and guests.

What should housemasters provide to a resident housekeeper?

First of all she should understand clearly her scope of duties. Ideally to have such a document in written.

A resident housekeeper should have all necessary household appliances and chemicals for housekeeping activities. If necessary (by housemasters’ wish) – uniform.

Place for living – a separate room in an apartment or a house or special house for domestic personnel.

Day-off should be provided obligatory in accordance with the agreed schedule.

Vacation should be provided obligatory. Vacation payment and sick pay should be stipulated in a recruitment contract.  

Resident housekeeper

What is the price of a resident housekeeper’s services?

The price depends on:

  • Experience;
  • Availability of recommendations;
  • Scope of duties;
  • Availability or absence of reprimands from employer.

In general the price for the service “resident housekeeper” is discussed and defined individually.

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Advantages of resident housekeeper recruitment

pigMoney saving in long-term perspective
trubkaMoney saving in long-term perspective
oborotComplete correspondence to your home schedule