Babysitter-housekeeper: a multi assistant for all occasions?

We confirm that it’s not easy to find a good babysitter-housekeeper in Kiev because there are not many people who could do at once 2 different activities: to manage the household in high quality and properly see to one or several children. That’s why it’s better to entrust search of such specialist to the agency.

In this case you gain time and service quality. Besides, a respectful agency will never recommend an unknown person from the street. For example, “Uyut Service” effects thorough checking of recommendations, medical records, carries out professional and psychological tests, trainings. It means that we send to your house a person to whom you can entrust your house and children.

What is the scope of duties of a babysitter-housekeeper?


  • Cleaning and maintaining order in a the house/apartment;
  • Cooking;
  • Food products purchasing;
  • Washing and ironing;
  • Some other small household errands.


  • Hygienic procedures;
  • Timely square meals;
  • Taking a child to kindergarten, school, hobby groups and home;
  • Control of homework execution (not teaching support!);
  • Walking outdoors, quiet games or communication with a child while parents are away.

It should be noted that we listed only general possible functions of a babysitter-housekeeper. When you employ such specialist in our agency it’s desirable to clarify the list of services you need and specify them in an attachment to the employment contract. This will allow you to make everything clear for a babysitter-housekeeper and protect your won rights as a service receiver.

Domestic personnel recruitment agency “Uyut Service” recommends…

  • When you plan to employ a babysitter-housekeeper, please think thoroughly what will be the priority of her activity: she should pay more attention to your children or household issues.
  • Assign a quantity of obligations that would be real to execute without losing quality. By the way, a manager of our agency can consult you on this issue basing of real experience of such specialists.

When you’re going to employ a multi-assistant you plan to solve many issues related to household and child-minding. Surely it will cost money however it will make your life easier saving worries and releasing time for many interesting and important activities. However the  conditions sine qua non are professionalism and reliability of a babysitter-housekeeper. Maximum guarantee you can get only from a good agency.

The agency “Uyut Service” is happy to offer professional services of high quality!

Do you need a good babysitter-housekeeper? Welcome to us!

Advantages of babysitter- housekeeper recruitment

pigAffordable cost of services
trubka Possibility of emergency call in after hours
oborotFlexible schedule depending on your plans