Accommodator housekeeper

This person will appear at your house as many times a week as you need. And every time after her visit your home will be shining, clean, comfortable and you’ll feel an aroma of fresh bakery in a kitchen.

5 absolute advantaged of the accommodator housekeeper:

  1. Shecomesstrictlyatappointedtimewithoutdelays.
  2. It’s considerably cheaper than a resident or express-call housekeeper.
  3. Regular visits of the accommodator housekeeper will guarantee permanent coziness and order in a house.
  4. It’s an excellent choice for those who want cleaning-washing-cooking be unobservable.
  5. The service includes “a package of small assignments”: payment of bills, purchase of products, airing and feeding pets, handling of plants.

The agency “Uyut Service” proposes a professional services in recruiting housekeepers

Yes, we’re professionals with over 20 year old experience and unblemished reputation. Managers of our agency review thoroughly your requests, wishes and expectations and propose at once several most appropriate candidates. The only question that can appear is which candidate to select: everyone seems very matching to your desires.

 “Uyut Service” works quickly and in good quality. Individual approach and confidentiality are our main priorities.

It’s advantageous and comfortable to work with us because every client for us is VIP.

When you apply to us you’ll get:

  • A qualified, certified, adapted for work in families specialist;
  • Optimal relation of quality, service contents and price;
  • Official contract protecting your rights within the whole period of our cooperation;
  • Possibility of specialist replacement free of charge within the contract validity period.

Scope of duties of the accommodator housekeeper:

  • Cleaningofthehouse. Washing, ironing, dry-cleaningifrequired
  • Cooking, purchasing of good products
  • Handling of plants and tending pets
  • Payment of bills and fulfillment of other small errands (in accordance with the preliminary agreement)
Accommodator housekeeper

Of course the above list can be adjusted in accordance with your requirements. This is possible due to our professional specialists of domestic personnel recruitment.

How to hire a good accommodator housekeeper?

Not to have doubts in quality of work and reliability of the helpmate you’d better apply to a respectable agency. This way of searching will considerably save you time and money – it’s more pleasant to hit the spot at once.

Do you need an accommodator housekeeper in Kiev?

Welcome to “Uyut Service”!

We’ll select a specialist who would meet your requirements and expectation to the utmost!

Advantages of accommodator housekeeper recruitment

pigAffordable cost of services
trubka Possibility of emergency call in after hour
oborotFlexible schedule depending on your plans