When do you need a housekeeper?

A housekeeper appears more often in Ukrainian families nowadays and employers’ age becomes younger. It’s not shameful to use services of a housekeeper but vise versa – it emphasizes prestige and status. However we’d like to explain why it is useful to cooperate with such employee.

Why do people need a housekeeper?

Most housewives without an experience of cooperation with a housekeeper would most probably explain that they need such a specialist because they’re too occupied at their working place and that they lack time to keep the house in a proper way. Of course it’s true but only partially.

The point is that the professional housekeeper does a lot. She’s not only keeps the house clean but looks after your plants, airs and feeds your dog, buys food, cooks, pays bills, washes, irons, takes care of your clothes and shoes…

So what does a housewife gets as a result? There’s one beautiful word – freedom. A woman, who has such an assistant as a housekeeper, has time to spare for children, husband, herself, spend more time for hobby, travelling and other things she couldn’t find time to do. If to summarize you get a possibility for self-fulfillment and satisfaction with life. In general, it is something you can’t buy however employment of a good housekeeper allows you to get these comforts.

Housekeeper for a single man

This service is very popular in Kiev agencies specialized in domestic personnel recruitment. A good housekeeper will take care of almost everything a woman usually does. A house will always be clean and cozy, something tasty and healthy will always be found in a fridge. Shirts will always be cleaned and pressed, a coat – timely sent to a dry-cleaner. A man can even have a pet because a housekeeper could take care of it, feed and air.

How much do housekeeper’s services cost in Kiev?

The reply to this question depends on several factors. These are the key ones:

  • qualification;
  • availability of recommendations;
  • work experience;
  • scopeof duties;
  • work schedule and some others.

Let’s review the above criteria in more details.

Qualification means the scope of skills and expertise. For example, not every housekeeper can satisfy your culinary interests or take a proper care of VIP-wardrobe: it requires special training, knowledge and experience. So every separate skill of a housekeeper costs money. So the higher housekeeper’s qualification the more expensive are the services.

Availability of recommendations is a definite advantage. However it is better to have recommendations proved by an unbiased party. The best solution is to apply to the professional domestic personnel recruitment agency which can check the recommended employee in different channels. The recommendations checked and confirmed by the agency may be considered in a way as a warranty of reliability.    

Work experience is also a very important criterion: knowledge and skills are the result of experience. Housekeeper with 3-5 years experience is an excellent criterion of selection. At the same time you should consider the scope of work for which you need a housekeeper and think whether you need a woman with 15-year experience or a novice.

Scope of duties. It’s east: the wider is the scope of duties the more you’ll have to pay.

Work schedule – quantity of attendances per week, resident work, single attendances upon necessity. Depending on your choice, the price for the service will change.

Domestic personnel recruitment agency “Uyut Service” offers a wide choice of candidates with different experience and qualification. Our price range allows to make an optimal choice and recruit an employee who matches your demands and financial abilities. Our managers will help you to define a list of services for appropriate money. 

Why is it better to entrust recruitment of a housekeeper to the agency?

It’s important to add: to the agency with irreproachable reputation and experience of operation in the market.

What does reputation mean? It implies customers’ feedbacks, rumors and confidence aura established around the company’s name.

Experience is a must because it’s only an experience which allows the agency’s specialists to have knowledge and abilities required for absolute satisfaction of clients needs. Experience is collected, passed from specialist to specialist in a work process and professional trainings. As a result professionalism of an agency is growing.

A professional agency works quickly. If a client needs a housekeeper can be found even in a day. We think that you’ll agree that it’s important.

Our agency “Uyut Service” is one of the oldest in Kiev and gained gratitude from hundreds of families for its work. For over 20 years we created a considerable database of trained and proved personnel. That’s why only professional and trained employees come to your families and it’s a pleasure to work with them.

Individual approach, promptness, confidentiality are the gospel of our agency’s staff. We work on the basis of a contract and we can replace an employee if required free of charge during the contract’s validity. 

Welcome to our cozy agency! It’s advantageous and comfortable with us!

Cost of services


Resident housekeeper 
One-time services 
Doing windows on safe height 
from 350 UAH/day
from 350 UAH/day
from 70 UAH/hour
15 UAH / m²

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