Resident governess

This is an important and useful service for each family with a school child. This service can solve a lot of issues. A resident governess in your house means proper preparation of homework, defining problem school subjects, enhanced leaning of some subjects (depending on a governess’ speciality), creative and physical development, daily routine and proper nutrition, hygienic procedures, order in a child’s room, tidy clothes, timely attendance of school, hobby and sports classes.

Is it difficult to find a good resident governess?

You won’t have a problem if you apply to an authoritative domestic personnel recruitment agency. It’s rather difficult and time-consuming to find independently a worthy and reliable candidate.

What are the advantages of hiring a resident governess via the agency?

The fist and irresistible argument – we can provide a very good choice. The database of the domestic personnel recruitment agency “Uyut Service” contains over 10 000 employees and a quarter of them are governesses.

Besides, before we recommend you a candidate we thoroughly check hundreds of candidates and select the most qualified, experiences, reliable. Do you have time to do this work?

When you apply to our agency, you receive several detailed resumes on your e-mail within 15 minutes after your phone call. As a rule clients choose 1-3 candidates for interview from this first portion of resumes.

What should the employers provide to the resident governess?

Of course, a place to live.

You should obligatory give maximum information about her ward: his/her way of life, interests, hobbies, some peculiarities of daily schedule and many other things she should know to do her direct work.

You should mandatory provide a governess day-off and vacation (if stipulated in the employment contract). You’d better discuss preliminary the cases of sick list and cases of emergency. 

Resident governess

If possible you’d better provide a mobile phone to governess and pay the subscriber’s fee in order to be permanently in contact with her to get information about your child.

How much does a service “resident governess” cost?

As a rule the agencies show an average price on their web sites. Each case is usually discussed individually and depends on your requirements, wishes, preferences and scope of work. Employees of our agency always try to analyze thoroughly your requirements and select the candidate who would ideally match your family in all aspects: quality and price.

Do you need a resident governess? Call to our agency!

We’ll be happy to select a good mentor to your child!

Advantages of resident governess recruitment

pigAffordable cost of services
trubkaPermanent connection with the governess
oborotPermanent connection with the governess