Who is a babysitter-governess? First of all, this is a person who’s able to provide a complete childcare, organize daily regime including fresh air and sports.

Usually babysitter-governess is required for parents with much attention to all-round development of a child – intellectual, creative and physical. As a rule, such specialists may give a child primary knowledge of one or two foreign languages, basics of music and artistic taste.  Governess and at the same time a babysitter  is a tutor for preschoolers. Our experience shows that some moms hire such a specialist even for 1-year-old infants and are happy of such cooperation.

What are the advantages of a babysitter-governess?

Many researches prove that a human being in small ages can is able to absorb and process bigger volumes of information and with better efficiency than several years later. In this case the methods of presenting information are vitally important.

“Uyut Service” database of babysitters has a list of top-ranked specialists who work with young children – preschoolers. They show impressive results! Our babysitter-governesses master different non-standard methods for young children development, including author methods. While working with a child they adapt forms and methods of teaching for individual features of a small personality trying to get maximum effectiveness.

Besides, a babysitter-governess helps parents to reveal timely real abilities and preferences of a baby and define the most effective vector of development as early as possible. This is a big advantage for selection of school, for example: linguistic, physico-mathematical, creative.

How to find a babysitter-governess in Kiev?

In this case we recommend only the best agency. Specialists with similar qualification are rare and if you try to search independently one can’t exclude possibility of dishonest service.

When you recruit a babysitter-governess you should know that she should mandatory have:

  • Several positive recommendations from previous employers;
  • Experience of work in families not less than 3 years;
  • Corresponding education;
  • Certificated from special courses, trainings on children early development;
  • Patented author methods (often but not always) 

A babysitter-governess in Kiev: what is the price for this service?

Surely the price per one hour of a babysitter-governess work is somewhat higher than that of a babysitter. This is conditioned by the specialist’s qualification, scope of work and assigned tasks.  However you can always adapt this amount of money adjusting the work schedule, for example, limiting the quantity of her attendances or working day length.

Managers of our agency will listen attentively your wishes and expectations and help you to select the babysitter-governess who will ideally match your baby and atmosphere of your family.

Do you raise a small genius?

You need a professional babysitter-governess!

A cozy agency “Uyut Service” is always at your disposal!

Advantages of babysitter-governess recruitment

pigAffordable cost of services
trubka Possibility of emergency call in after hours
oborotFlexible schedule depending on your plans