Accommodator governess: helpmate, friend and mentor for your schoolchild

Accommodator governess is a very convenient service for those with schoolchildren as well as in situations when you’re not able for different reasons to be with your child, to help him/her, suggest something, control or support when necessary.

What is the scope of work of the accommodator governess?

Everything depends on the tasks you want to solve when you plan to hire such a specialist. The standard list includes the following:

  • To assist in homework preparation;
  • Enhance learning of certain subjects (e.g., foreign language, maths, physics, chemistry);
  • To solve bottlenecks in study;
  • Efficient organization of study, recreation, sports and art classes;
  • Taking a child to school, hobby classes;
  • Attending cultural events with the pupil (museums, exhibitions, concerts of classical music, theater);
  • To teach a child manners and behavior rules in society.

However you, parents, know your child the best. So you can alter or complete the above list in accordance with your expectations and preferences. If you need a professional advice of a teacher or psychologist, managers of “Uyut Service” will assist you – they recruited such specialists in hundreds of families.

Accommodator governess: 5 arguments “PRO”

  1. Comfortable schedule of cooperation: the specialist works the period of time convenient for your family.
  2. This is considerable cheaper than resident governess or daily specialist.
  3. Your child is not overloaded with the tutor and has time and possibility for independent activities.
  4. The service allows creating an optimal regime study-recreation-independent existence.
  5. Anyway you provide a permanent support to your child necessary for solution of school and teen-age problems.

Recruitment of an accommodator governess via the agency – a bravery or reasonable solution?

The key qualities of such an employee our clients pay are:

  • Professionalism
  • Reliability
  • Psychological correspondence to the employer’s expectations

A respectable agency can provide you specialists with:

  • Correspondingeducation;
  • Special trainings on adaptation in work with families;
  • Good experience;
  • Positive recommendations from previous employers;
  • Thorough checking by the agency of all the above items.

In a result your family gets a reliable, professional tutor, teacher who’ll find approach to your child, help him/her and release you from unnecessary worries and problems.

Accommodator governess

An independent search of a governess is a tedious and insecure matter. Moreover, absence of experience in recruitment of similar specialists may have a negative impact on a result.

If you want a real professional assistance and support for your child you’d better leave the recruitment work for professionals. You’ll save your time and money and get a guarantee of security.

Have you decided to hire a good accommodator governess?

Managers of the agency “Uyut Service” will select an optimal candidate for your family!

We wish your schoolchildren new discoveries and success in study!

Advantages of accommodator governess recruitment

pigAffordable cost of services
trubka Possibility of emergency call in after hours
oborotFlexible schedule depending on your plans