Governess: tutor and friend for a child, helping hand for parents

Governess is a wonderful and important job which is still relevant.

Who is a governess? This is a teacher, tutor and friend for your child. If you have such an employee in your house your child will not only do his/her homework but would understand it. Foreign languages will become favorite subjects. Study will become a fascinating adventure and progress in education will become a pride of a family. Your child will understand music and literature. He/she will have the best-loved painter, theater plays and film makers. Psychological problems related to class-mates and adults will be minimized.

This may become a happy reality for your family if you apply to us – an agency of babysitters, governess and other domestic personnel “Uyut Service”

Tutor or governess?

If you have enough time to pay 100% of your attention to your child, to look after him/her and you need help only to pull up your child in a couple of school subjects then a tutor will be enough.

If both parents are too occupied with work, business or business-trips etc. then you can’t do without a professional governess. It’s especially vitally important to contribute time and attention to your child if he/she is a teenager!

You may ask: “and what about grandparents?” Yes, they are important but it’s more about patronizing then education and upbringing.

What is the scope of duties of a governess?

First of all, all-round development of a child, detection of his/her inclinations and abilities. Of course every parent wants good results in school – this is also a governess’s concern.

As s rule, modern governesses are able to cope with the school curricula and master one or two languages. Besides they organize the day schedule: study, rest, visiting hobby groups, self-education, social life.

If you recruit a resident governess the list of her duties will include hygienic procedures, physical exercises, timely and nutritional meals and other duties agreed before with the parents.

You need a governess in Kiev.
Where to search: in agencies or private classified ads?

Our agency has over 20 year experience and we recommend to apply only to the professionals because:

  • Agencyworksquickly;
  • Your rights are protected by the contract;
  • Agency thoroughly checks every candidate;
  • Agency can replace an employee free of charge within the contract validity period.

What does it mean to search a governess by yourself?

  • To search for a long time;
  • To risk life and health of your child, your calmness and property;
  • To know that there’s a big possibility to make a mistake and recruit an incompetent person;
  • To take all possible risks and problems of cooperation with a dishonest person.

And it’s not the complete list. So you’d better weigh all cons and pros.

How to find a good governess in Kiev?

Welcome to our agency – we’ll select the most competent and human tutor for your child!

Wish you academic progress and piece in a family!

Cost of services


Resident governess 
Visiting governess 
from 600 UAH/day 
from 50 UAH/hour
from 50 UAH/hour