Babysitter-rehabilitation: shall be move forward?

A babysitter-rehabilitation is a very important, valuable specialist and a helpmate to parents whose children have problems with locomotorium. There are many reasons why your child can’t do some movements properly but a solution is only one – daily hard work, diverse physical exercises to teach disobedient hands and legs move properly and make the back stronger.

Professional recreation therapists whose wise hands worked with children can help to go through this difficult process. Yes, it’s not a mistake – expressly wise hands. But parents who have already worked with such specialists will understand what we mean.

Who is a babysitter-rehabilitation?

First of all this is a person who understands your problem. This is an experienced and skilled  professional and a master.

Our agency “Uyut Service” have been working with families which raise children with muscle-skeleton disorder for several years. During this period we have thoroughly studied this problem, collected a database of candidates who can really help and sufficiently improve the condition of children achieving weighty results.

Besides, being continuously near a child, a babysitter-rehabilitation becomes his/her friend and master who can help to understand and overcome many difficult situations including psychological.

A babysitter-rehabilitation: in which situations is this specialist employed?

One has to recognize that there are many diagnoses when such a helpmate will be indispensable, such as: infantile cerebral paralysis, neuromuscular disorder, impacts of trauma, cerebral crisis etc. For children suffering  the above, a babysitter-rehabilitation can do almost all necessary procedures:

  • massage;
  • therapeutic exercises;
  • compress packs;
  • mudandwaxapplications;
  • swimming (if possible – at home, if not – take a child to the swimming pool);
  • others

A babysitter for a child with special needs will organize a comfortable schedule of exercises and rest, nutrition (if required this specialist can help to adjust menu), walking outside. This person will be beside your child in sickness and will become a good company for him/her.

Where to find a babysitter for a child with infantile cerebral paralysis, after trauma or cerebral accident?

To solve this delicate issue we propose you to apply to our agency. Our experience manager who knows the problem deeply, will consult you. They will listen to you attentively and tell about the most appropriate candidates who will be the most efficient for your son or daughter.

We’ll be happy to help you!

Believe, love, win!