A babysitter-nurse for a child with special needs: when a baby is happy and parents are calm

A child with special needs – special happiness, concerns, joy as well as special difficulties and problems.

Parents of such children need twice more strength, patience, belief, positive emotions than normal parents. Because they have to share it with their child and be at their best, serve as an example, authority and stimulus.

When energy is running out…

Alas, it happened often. The most reasonable way is to hire a babysitter-nurse for a child with special needs.

Why is it often a vital necessity? This very specialist will allow you and your child live full life: spare time for yourself, go to work, meet with friends, thus keep a balance of mind and talk to your child with a smile on your face.

Why babysitter-nurse for a child with special needs is sometimes better than permanent presence of mom?

Dear parents, please read, comprehend and understand!

A stranger near your child means the following:

  • New experience of communication;
  • A chance to break through to a new world outside the perimeter, to know that there are other people, other opinions, rules, interests, customs, priorities. In a family everything’s going around him/her – the best and the loved one. And sometimes you don’t have the nerve to tell that on real life some things are different;
  • A new friend who understands and helps to overcome a problem;
  • A new stimulus, impulse for independent actions. And it’s the most important thing on the way to our goals.

Besides, babysitter-nurse for a child with special needs can do all necessary medical and hygienic procedures, gives medicine timely, food, takes for a stroll outside, calls a doctor if necessary. You will always keep abreast of your child’s condition. You’ll be able to watch the development process, evaluate it and adjust some moments.

Everything written above is about a professional babysitter-nurse. Because we can entrust life and health of the most valuable person only to such a specialist.

Babysitter-nurse for a child with special needs in Kiev: how to find and where to go?


The domestic personnel recruitment agency “Uyut Service” has been developing the dedicated line for special families during several years. Our managers have passed special training and got good experience. Nowadays our database of specialists for children with special needs is one the best in Kiev. We don’t just offer resumes: our managers got acquainted with potential babysitters-nurses personally, ask about their previous experience with similar families, achieved results. We try to foresee all possible risks and provide you with the reliable and checked specialist.

When you apply to us you can get an attentive tutor and a friend for your child within several days. And you yourself will find a calmness and peace of mind.

We’re waiting for your phone call!

Faith and love are the reliable companions in achieving our high purpose!

We wish health to you and your children!