Children with special needs

Children with autism, Down syndrome, infantile cerebral paralysis or other conditions which differ them from usual people are called children with special needs. Such children require more attention, patience, knowledge, physical and emotional strength. So often all attendance and worries fall on one of the closest relative – usually it’s mom or granny. And then the way of life of these people changes fundamentally. Their social circle and interests become considerably limited, their free time and personal interest become minimum or disappear completely. Such state of things often causes psychological problems in a family and crisis among close people.

It’s quite real to solve such situations by releasing mother from daily cares at least partially.

A babysitter for a special child – who is it?

First of all this is a person who completely understands and evaluates your situation. This person knows from real life how difficult it may be to go through another epileptic seizure or attack of aggression of an autist, how difficult it is to teach a child with Down syndrome to pronounce even the word “mom”. 

Only several year ago the agency Uyut Service added a service “Babysitter for children with special needs” in its service list. However before proposing this service to our clients we’ve been deeply and thoroughly studying problems and difficulties of special families, their real needs and wishes. And only after that we began to work with the candidates’ database.

How do we select the candidates for this position?

We have 3 main criteria in this sphere:

  • Professionalism from the point of view of work with the malady / condition of a child;
  • Psychological adequacy;
  • Decency.

Before proposing a work for a candidate we thoroughly check the credentials, recommendations from parents of children this person worked with, ask about her methods and results of work.

For which children can you find a babysitter in our agency?

  • Autists;
  • Blind or starblind children;
  • Children with Down syndrome;
  • Children with infantile cerebral paralysis;
  • Children with ADHS;
  • Children with epilepsy,
  • Otherconditionsanddiagnosis.

What can our babysitters do?

Almost everything a special small person needs. If you have such a specialist at home you can be calm because dietary regime, hygienic and medical procedures will be maintained. Professional babysitter for a child with special needs is a person who is the master of social adaptation and physical rehabilitation. This person has a many years’ experience of relevant work. One can always seek advice or even psychological help from such specialist.

The employees we recommend are professional recreation therapists, developmental pediatricians, speech therapists, psychologists. If you share care after the child with epilepsy, Down syndrome or other difficult diagnosis you’ll feel easier and more confident. Work with a specialist will be more efficient.

If there are problems in your family and it’s impossible for mom alone to look after a special child you’d better think about a professional babysitter. Most probably this choice will solve your problem and your life will become better.

We’ll be happy to find a good babysitter for your child with special needs. Wish health to you and your relatives!


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