A cook for your office: comfortable, tasty and safe!

There are many small companies which decided to use the services of an office cook and were right. Because this is:

  • comfortable;
  • tasty;
  • economical.

Advantages of the service:

  • Dishes are delivered to the office according to the schedule convenient for employees.
  • Dishes are always tasty, fresh and diversified.
  • Tasty and dietary recommendations of employees are considered.
  • Lunch time is used more efficiently.
  • Sanitary-hygienic standards are strictly kept during cooking and it makes food safe.
  • Proper culinary standards and technologies are kept – that’s why dishes are always tasty and healthy.

These are the advantages you can get working with a professional.

How to find a professional office cook in Kiev?

In a big city, especially in a capital, it’s easy to make a mistake and be cheated. Especially, when you’re searching such an employee yourself. To avoid undesirable risks it’s better to entrust this work to an authoritative agency.

A selection process in such agencies is well-run and organized. Experienced managers thoroughly check candidates when they appear in our database because agency’s reputation is very important.

Selecting a good cook for you, an agency will analyse your demands and requirements and offer the most appropriate specialists.

Our domestic personnel recruitment agency “Uyut Service” always checks thoroughly and strictly potential cookery specialists because health of our clients depends on these people.  Employees we propose for you always have real medical records and if necessary – results of additional medical inspections (upon a client’s request). Our managers mandatory check authenticity of recommendation letters from the previous employers. That’s why all our clients are always happy to work with our cooks.

What does a price for office cook services depend on?

First of all, it depends on a scope of work: the more people you have in the office, the more resources and labor efforts are used. It means that price for the service will be higher.

Office cook

A range of obligations of a cook also affect the price. If your company provides a car for products purchasing and transportation of dishes to the office, then the service will cost you a little bit cheaper.

Complexity of dishes also matters.

If you can provide a specially equipped kitchen then the price will be lower because transportation cost will be minimal.

There are different rates for banquets and office parties. Such cases are always agreed beforehand: if a company plans to order such services from the cook and if yes, then how much can it cost.

If you haven’t decided to hire an office cook yet you can call us and get more detailed information about this service.

We wish tasty lunches and health to you and your staff!