Prices for domestic personnel recruitment

‘Uyut Service’ Agency was the first one to start providing services of selecting the home personnel in Ukrainian market.

We possess 24 years of experience in the selection, verification, training and supervision of nannies, housekeepers, cooks, governesses, gardeners and other house personnel.

Today and especially for you we offer the ‘Cosy Home in Ukraine’ service.

Our manager who speaks English will:

  1. Consult you about the agency possibilities.
  2. Fill in the application form accordingly to your wishes.
  3. Select the appropriate personnel.
  4. Take care of the control of staff teaching and training.
  5. Answer all your questions during the term of service.
  6. Quickly find the replacement if needed (in case of the employee’s illness).

Kyiv is the European capital. It is beautiful and full of possibilities. We want you to get the maximum pleasure of staying in our country.

We will help you save your time and organise your household so that you feel cosy and comfortable.

We will help you take care of your child. Clean the house. Cook delicious food.

You do not have to control the process and think where to find a nanny or a housekeeper if they are not able to go to work. Our manager will hold all the organisational issues. You communicate with one person who solves all your questions.


Cleaning the house One time The selection and maintenance holds accordingly to the client’s request. The purchase of detergents is calculated separately. starting from 30 € per working day
Regular starting from 20 € per working day
Baby care Babysitter For оne child. starting from 5 € per hour
Nanny with accommodation starting from 50 € per day (24 hours)
Cooking Cook With the possibility of purchasing products. starting from 30 € per working day


Looking for employees of other specialties? Call: 098 720 05 05

* The prices are given for reference and the price is formed for each request individually